Unruly Protege

Unruly ProtégéUnruly Protégé (Yaoi Novel)

by Katsura and Yuramei

Genre: yaoi, yakuza
Authors: Katsura, Yuramei
Cover art: Yuramei
Editor: Kazuko
Language: English
First published:
ISBN-10: / ISBN-13:


Two young men from startlingly different backgrounds, take the bold and dangerous decision to enter the secretive, yet alluring world of the Yakuza.

Accepted as a recruit for the Maeda-Kai, a promising future seems certain for university educated and privileged, Taro Fukazawa. But a high ranking career path is far from assured for Shuji Arai - a young street punk who joins the organisation on the very same day.

Thrust together in the mundane tasks of the newly initiated, they form an unlikely, and sometimes uneasy friendship.

But is something more than just convenient camaraderie the motive behind Shuji and Taro’s bond? And will success for one, mean envy for the other...?


Unruly Protege