Latest Yaoi Novel and Manga Releases on Seishin Ink
  • Money, Bullets and Swag

    Money, Bullets and Swag (Illustrated Yaoi Novel)

    From the belly of a dragon comes the master of all bitch slaps.

    Katashi Noburu has the world at his feet. The good-looking blond was adopted at birth by the Oyabun of a yakuza clan, the Noburu-ya, and raised in a manner befitting a prince.
    However, all of that changes when he's sent to Toyogakuen Senior High School.

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  • The Gangster and the Samurai

    The Gangster and the Samurai (Yaoi Novel)

    Fate is a fickle thing, fortune a double edged sword.

    "Being born into wealth and privilege may be the dream of most, but a fat, friendless child with no company but his books will find that money brings no real comfort...

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  • The Devil's Golden Boy

    The Devil's Golden Boy (Yaoi Manga)

    When in Hell, it's better to be favoured by the Devil than be left to rot with the rest of the damned. In a poverty stricken district of Seoul, the orphanages are packed to the rafters with discarded children. But are they as unwanted as they seem?

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  • Pity the Living

    Pity the Living (Yaoi Novel)

    When the drudgery of office life becomes too much for IT expert, Masami Shirosaki, he decides to commit suicide. But a timely opportunity to aid the career of the man he has stalked for years, ex-schoolmate Toshita Ayano, stops him in his tracks.

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  • Big Deal Vol. 1: A Pack of Jokers

    Big Deal Vol. 1: A Pack of Jokers (Illustrated Yaoi Novel)

    There is nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose.

    In a small Scottish town, near the gateway to the Highlands, a bunch of reprobates are trying to come to terms with the return of their brutal boss. Out of the nick, and straight into the arms of a brothel keeper, Fergus Campbell is a man with a mission: To get back at the bastard who got him locked up the first place.

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  • Big Deal Vol. 2: No Honour Amongst Thieves

    Big Deal Vol. 2: No Honour Amongst Thieves (Illustrated Yaoi Novel)

    Only the scorned have enough fury to craft the perfect Hell.

    The dust has settled after the disastrous bank job, so it's time for the Everdirge reprobates to divide up the loot. There's just one snag: One of the bags appears to be missing. Accusations and mistrust abound while Judas and Fergus try to figure out what happened to their money. But in the meantime, Mikhail has rather more pressing problems to deal with...


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Latest Yaoi Novel and Manga Releases on Seishin Ink