Yaoi Manga / Novel Submissions


We are currently closed for submissions.

If you are considering submitting your work to us, please read below what we are looking for at the moment. If you are unsure if your work is what we are looking for, feel free to contact us through the contact form below.

If you want to self-publish, but need help with the formatting and uploading process of ebooks and paperbacks, we also offer Formatting Services.


We are looking for yaoi / shonen-ai
novels and manga in the

What we are NOT looking for
at this point:
Thriller / Crime Hentai / Etchi / Yuri / Shota
Drama Common Romance
Action / Adventure Fantasy / Vampire / Paranormal
Psychological Horror Furry / Shape-shifters
Slice of Life Mecha



Once you have decided to submit your work, please download and read the following guides carefully. The guides detail what you have to include in your submission as well as the submission forms. (Forms will be provided as soon as we open submissions)

Yaoi Manga / Novel Submissions